Reading to Escape Everything

Okay. If you feel ashamed at all because you read to escape life, then you have my permission to read all damn day and night. We live in harrowing times. You need a break, and perhaps an even longer break from this living nightmare in the states. I dare not say the states are united at the time of this posting. And if you’re not in the states, lucky you, and I’m sure you’ve got some challenge in life that you’d like to make disappear.


Pick up a book and let your mind engage a new community. Let your imagination put form to the settings and characters in books. It’s amazing when you’re connected to the mind of a fellow human because of a book–a book they wrote. Equally amazing is when you write something and share it with the world with no expectations, and folks from all over like it, love it, and share it.


I read to take my mind off reality, and plus, reading is the healthiest way to escape, if you ask me. I also read to connect to other humans from all over the globe. And as far as I can tell, conscious thought is the one thing that no other species experiences. So I’m going to enjoy this conscious life.


I’ve written this in another blog post, but I’ll say it here again–reading books is simply good for your mental health. Of course, it all depends on the content you’re absorbing, but I’m thinking about books that are intended for a sane audience (hint hint, not someone’s manifesto!). And if you want to go down a destructive path with books, this is not the blog post for you. Please, in love, get help.


So with that said, I’ll keep on reading my mysteries and fantasies. I’ll continue to support writers who need a cup (or two or three) to fill with their overflowing words.



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